When God?: When God Is Late

July 29, 2018

Why didn't God do something? Sometimes, despite our most fervent prayers, God doesn't show up the way we want him to. The cancer isn't cured. The company fails. The foreclosure goes through. In this message, we discover what to look for when it feels like God forgot to show up.


When God?: When God Is Uncooperative

July 22, 2018

We've all seen athletes point to heaven after touchdowns or home runs. And we've heard actors thank God during their acceptance speeches. We know God can be glorified in our moments of success. But what about moments of weakness? How do we keep going when our circumstances are crippling and God seems to be saying, "No"?


When God?: When God Is Inattentive

July 15, 2018

Is God's silence a sign of his absence? Or does it mean something else? In this message, we look at the story of a man Jesus said was the greatest who ever lived. And yet, even this man struggled with God's inattentiveness. The message Jesus sends him in the middle of his doubt contains a secret reassurance for us 2,000 years later.


Follow: Thao’s Story

July 8, 2018

If you or someone close to you has ever struggled with God because He's seemed indifferent or unaware, or because of very difficult, painful circumstances, listen to Thao’s Story. Her story is one of illogical hope, healing, peace and passion in spite of facing circumstances that should crush the human soul & spirit.


Follow: Unfollow

July 1, 2018

Following Jesus results in overwhelming faith, but at times it can also be inconvenient, costly, and even embarrassing. It can cause us to miss opportunities, lose business, or stand out in the crowd when we'd rather fit in. Even Jesus' earliest followers restled with this tension, but one of his disciples asked a question that put everything in perspective; to whom shall I go?


Follow: What I Want to Want

June 24, 2018

Most of us don't become Christians with the intent of following Jesus. We become Christians because we are told obedience pays and disobedience doesn't. We become Christians hoping that spirituality will fill the holes in our souls. We become Christians hoping God will fix us. Eventually, our agendas clash with Jesus' agenda, and we have to decide whether we'll abandon him or follow.


Follow: The Fine Print

June 17, 2018

During his time on earth, Jesus invited misbehavers and unbelievers to follow him. We are all invited to follow him. You are invited to follow him, but there's something you need to know about following Jesus. It will cost you something eventually.


Follow: Follow Wear

June 10, 2018

Everyone is invited to follow Jesus.

But what do people who follow Jesus look like? What do they wear?


Follow: Fearless

June 3, 2018

We want to follow Jesus, but where is he leading? What is the payoff for following him? Is it being a better person? Is it life in heaven after we die? If you follow him, you won't have a pain-free life. But that's okay, because Jesus offers much more—a faith so strong it frees us from fear.


Follow: Next Steps

May 20, 2018

Religion says, Change and you can join us. Jesus says, Join us and you will change. There's a huge difference. Jesus doesn't expect you to be perfect. He just wants you to follow him. Being a sinner doesn't disqualify you from following him. Being an unbeliever doesn't disqualify you from following him. In fact, following almost always begins with taking one small step.