Change Makers: Compelled

March 17, 2019

Too often, the church doesn't feel like a safe place for people who are far from God. They experience judgment and rejection. But that's not what Jesus intended when he established his church. He meant for the church to be a magnet for the unchurched, a place where they could find reconciliation with God.

Change Makers: You’re Late

March 10, 2019

This week guest speaker Thao P. Nguyen shares with us about how Jesus responded to his friend Lazarus’ death.

Twisted: It’s Only Physical

February 24, 2019

There is one twist of truth that is unique in its impact and implications. It erodes a person's capacity for intimacy and leaves scars on the soul. And yet, in its proper context, it provides a depth of relationship and a closeness that God intended for a husband and a wife. However, when it comes to sex, our culture has bought into the lie. And it is affecting us at the deepest levels.

Twisted: Facing Forward

February 17, 2019

When we experience pain, we often ask, "Why?" In times of pain, we find ourselves desperately seeking for purpose. Tell me there is meaning in this. Tell me this happened for a reason. All too often when we look around at our present circumstances and look back to examine the past, we can't see how anything good can come out of the pain. This is because the purpose behind our pain is found by looking elsewhere.

Twisted: All Is Not What It Seems

February 10, 2019

There is more to this world than we can see. Beyond all that we are able to measure and understand is a spiritual world; a world that we can neither see nor touch, yet we feel its impact every day. We live in a world in which an evil influence exists that deceives us and desires to ultimately lead us on a path of destruction. In this session, we'll discuss how our lives have become twisted, and we’ll discover the source behind this deception.

Bridges Not Walls

February 3, 2019

Two years ago, New Life Wichita launched with a goal to make a lasting impact in our community. We believe our devotion to God is illustrated, demonstrated, and authenticated by our love for others. To follow Jesus means to build bridges not walls. It’s how we become a community of change makers.

One Thing

December 30, 2018

You have no idea what hangs in the balance if you don't do this one thing.

Light of the World: It’s Personal

December 24, 2018

First-centuries Jews expected the arrival of a messiah, a political and military leader. He would save their culture by driving out the Roman Empire and making Israel a feared military power in the region once again. But when God orchestrated Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem, he was up to something much bigger . . . and much more personal to you and me.

Light of the World: Toddler King

December 16, 2018

What are some things that cause people to drift away from God and the church? All of us have faced times when we felt distant from God. What were some of the factors that caused you to feel disconnected? If we’re honest, there’s a little King Herod in all of us. All of us can be tempted to focus on building our own “kingdom” rather than participating in God’s “kingdom”. But what do we do with all that?

Light of the World: Most Wonderful

December 9, 2018

The Christmas season is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But for many people, it’s complicated. What do you do when the magic and wonder of the Christmas season feels out of reach?